Dormant Talent; Wake it up!

Have you ever been good at something, but always told yourself – “it’s just a hobby.” Have others mentioned you were a natural and had talent? How long has this dormant talent been trying to get your attention?

Recently, I’ve come across these same questions. I’ve always been known as the creative-type, but more specifically a writer. Since relocating to the Mojave Desert, I’ve felt different energies shift in me which has brought out some untapped talent. I’ve always loved taking pictures, and I’ve always been told I’ve had a “good eye.” I love to travel and explore and wherever I go, I photograph my adventures and memories. It was always something, I simply enjoyed doing. Living in Joshua Tree, CA has has been an adjustment, but the landscape is one photographers love to shoot. I have found myself capturing the beauty of the desert at every turn, and what I’ve discovered is that my photos are really good! Others, seem to think so too. So, I began gathering my photos and posting them on artistic media sites, and now have an online photography portfolio. I was surprised to see the comments and positive affirmations from the community in response to my photos. My parents recently told me, “We’ve always thought you should pursue photography, because you are wonderful at it.” In addition, the GM where I work took notice as well and wanted to display my work in the lobby of our hotel. I sit here asking myself, “Am I really as talented as everyone seems to think I am?”

I’ve had some time to think about this, and I’ve realized that I am! I do have natural ability, now I just have to develop my skills and learn the technicalities behind this craft. I’ve only had an iPhone, and while there is such a thing as iPhoneography – I don’t want my photos to always be taken on a phone. I’ve never had a professional camera and now I am researching not just the ideal camera to buy, but looking into courses and any other means that will teach me what I need to know. Just as a Massage Therapist has always given a good massage, and may have already been performing at a professional level — but now as they enter Massage Therapy school to get licensed, they are now learning what they were already “naturally doing.” That is how I feel about photography. Once I obtain the tools and resources that professionals have, and the “know-how,” the possibilities are endless for what my newly revealed talent can bring.

I’ve always loved landscape and travel photography, and that is what I plan to pursue. I’ve always said I was called to the desert for many reasons, and here is another shining its light as if to say, “it’s about time you noticed me.” I’ve noticed, and I am listening.

My talent is a work in progress, but here are some samples of my work. I am excited to better my craft, alongside my writing and one day allow the two to collaborate and create something beautiful. Thank you for looking and ask yourself, “What talent do I have that has yet to be revealed?” Now, go make your soul happy and do that!


About sherrihasley

My professional writing career began while attending Los Angeles City College as a Journalism student where I was Lifestyles Editor for the campus newspaper. For two years I was the Editorial Director for Travel News Today, and am now a freelance writer. With several travel and restaurant reviews published in Citynet magazine, I have also had works of poetry published in 2009 for "New Love Stories" magazine, and Theater of the Mind, a poetry anthology. I now reside in Joshua Tree, CA and continue to freelance. In addition to writing, I am an animal advocate, loves nature and the outdoors, explorer, fitness enthusiast, thrill seeker, adventure junkie, loves books and reading, holistic and healing practices and therapies, spas, massage, and I embrace my family and friends. I'm looking to network with creative and compassionate souls. I am excited discuss ideas...never stop dreaming!
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