Being Called — When Messages are Important

I’m still contemplating this…

Sherri Hasley

This morning I woke up thinking about what a psychic/medium told me years ago. She told me two profound things:

One, that I was going to write a very powerful book one day and she might as well get my autograph now, and the second; was that I was going to be called to the desert one day, but that it would be a short journey. Then, I simply thought, “Well, that is interesting.” Now, it makes me think. She told me I would be successful in my later 30’s in terms of my novel, and I’m now in my late 30’s. I am in the beginning stages of attempting to get my novel published. It’s a long process and I welcome the challenge. Also, last November I moved to Joshua Tree, CA. Where is that exactly located? It’s surrounded by the Mohave Desert! That’s right — and while, it’s…

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About sherrihasley

My professional writing career began while attending Los Angeles City College as a Journalism student where I was Lifestyles Editor for the campus newspaper. For two years I was the Editorial Director for Travel News Today, and am now a freelance writer. With several travel and restaurant reviews published in Citynet magazine, I have also had works of poetry published in 2009 for "New Love Stories" magazine, and Theater of the Mind, a poetry anthology. I now reside in Joshua Tree, CA and continue to freelance. In addition to writing, I am an animal advocate, loves nature and the outdoors, explorer, fitness enthusiast, thrill seeker, adventure junkie, loves books and reading, holistic and healing practices and therapies, spas, massage, and I embrace my family and friends. I'm looking to network with creative and compassionate souls. I am excited discuss ideas...never stop dreaming!
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